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Voyager Tarot Certification Course

Way of the Seeker

Knowing the truth of life is the Seeker’s quest. Having seen the light, a Seeker naturally becomes a Seer.

Stage One of the Voyager Master Game

Self Exploration and Personal Growth Through Symbols of Transformation

Are you ready to begin the Star Tree™ path of growth?

The StarTree™ adventure of discovery and self-creation is the great groundwork, the
foundation stone that gives you the basics for turning your life into manifestation of your
deepest dreams and highest aspirations.

The vehicle for your quest on StarTree™ and the Mastery Game is Voyager Tarot™.

Like its namesake, the Voyager space probe, Voyager Tarot™ takes you on a wondrous
journey of discovery. While the Voyager spacecraft showed us the physical universe,
Voyager Tarot™ reveals the inner universe through pictures of the external world that
become symbolic mirrors of our own consciousness. By internalizing the wealth of
images in Voyager Tarot™ (ancient and futuristic, multicultural and transpersonal,
mundane and magical, artistic and scientific, for all the domains of life) you realize the
universe within.

StarTree™ takes you step-by-step into self-realization through an “unfolding
transformation” process based on the stages of growth of the universal symbol of the tree.
Stage 1 — Overview of the StarTree™ Path
Stage 2 — Inheritance of the Past
Stage 3 — Seed of Becoming
Stage 4 — Roots of Foundation
Stage 5 — Trunk of Manifestation
Stage 6 — Branches of Transformation
Stage 7 — Fruits of Realization